Jeremy Holmes

Marc Petrovic

Marc’s Avian Series takes a closer look at how life experience accumulates and forms our identities.

He pixelates, deconstructs, and then reconstructs his birds. They perch upon tablets identical to the ones from which they are formed. The tablets represent the birds’ shadows, cartographies, and DNA. They are built, much like our own identities: one piece, or experience, at a time. Every line from each sheet of glass from which the individual murrine are created, remains visible in the final image, despite their extreme elongation and accumulation. Avians builds upon Marc’s two decades of employing birds as metaphors for musings on relationships, parenting, home, shelter, geographical influences, and identity.

A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, Marc is Associate Professor and Chair of CIA’s Glass Department and serves on the Board of Directors for the Glass Art Society. An internationally known artist, his work can be viewed in the collections of The Corning Museum of Glass, The Museum of Arts and Design, and the Tacoma Glass Museum, among others.

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Jeremy Holmes